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Enka Surveys is an family based business, specialising in Topographical Surveys throughout Sussex and the surrounding areas.

Our office is based in the South East but our team cover right throughout the United Kingdom.

Enka are experienced in all types of Topographical Surveys in Sussex and the surrounding areas from small scale jobs to larger commercial projects such as hospitals and schools.

We use equipment called Leica Total Station instruments and Distos to produce the best results for you. Where required GPS observations can also be undertaken.

Our professional drawings are prepared using the specialist AutoCAD software. The final results are presented in .DWG and .PDF formats. If you do require any other format then please let us know.

We understand all client requirements are different and cater our services to fit everyone.

Enka pride themselveson providing extreme levels of detail and the high of quality services, at very competitive prices. We have created solutions that make our Topographical Surveys the leading services throughtout Sussex and the surround areas.

Chief Surveyor (and Partner) Nick Wells
Senior CAD & Data Processing (and Partner) Marie Christian

Nick Wells was employed at an Establish Survey Company in 1989 as a Junior Land Surveyor. In 1995 was promoted to Land Surveyor.

In 2009 he was promoted to Senior Surveyor, taking on the responsibilities of training colleagues, checking their work and running projects.

During this time, and along with full in-house training, numerous courses were attended, including AutoCAD, PTS, Underground.

Marie Christian was employed at an Establish Survey Company in 1999 as a trainee Computer Operator, which involved Data Processing, Movement Monitoring and AutoCAD (2D & 3D modelling).

Later (2009) taking on full responsibilities for all data processing, GPS and 3D production.

During this time, and along with full in-house training, numerous courses were attended, including PDS (3D modelling), N4CE (data processing software), and GPS.

In July 2012 Marie Christian and Nick Wells brought their knowledge together to form Enka Surveys Partnership.

Enka Surveys carries out all aspects of Land and Building Surveying, including Topographical Surveys, Building Surveys, Engineering Surveys, Movement Monitoring and CAD drafting.

what we do

Topographical Surveys

> Land Mapping

> Site Sections

> 3D modelling

> Area & Volume Calculations

> Boundary Surveys

> Block Plans for Planning Permission

> Land Registry Compliant Drawings

CAD Drafting


> Observations Accurately Positioning Data to OS Network

Building Surveys

> Floor Plans

> Elevations

> Sections

> 3D Scanning

Underground Services

> Statuary Service Plan Searches

> Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency Technology to Accurately Establish Buried Services

Movement Monitoring

> Subsidence Monitoring

> Building or Structures on or near Excavation Works

Engineering Surveys

> Setting Out Grid Lines or Pile Positions for Site Ground Works


Topographical Survey

Topographical Survey.

Surface changes and all features are shown. Levels are taken at regular intervals (depending on scale) and at all changes in gradient.

Drainage Invert Levels and connections can be added.

Underground Services

Underground Services.

Electromagnetic & Radio Frequency Technology is used to Accurately Establish Buried Services Positions, which are marked for visual identification.

These are then recorded and added as additional layers within our topographical survey.



We use Leica reflectorless instruments and hand measurements to produce highly accurate scaled elevations. These can be produced to different standards, from right of light through to high detail.

Where offsite elevations are required, all measurements are taken using reflectorless EDM measurements, therefore no access is required.

Block Plan

Block Plan.

A title line can be added to OS data or a basic Land Survey.

Dimensions can be added to facilitate its position.

Lost Boundaries can be re-positioned on site.


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