Cooks and Co Ltd are the leading roofers throughout Barnet and the surrounding areas. We've worked closely with other businesses to bring our customers the best Roofing / building services in Barnet.

Cooks & Co Ltd - A team of Reliable Roofers

Our team are dedicated to help you in your projects, whether thats building a new home, or repairing your roof, Cooks & Co Ltd have supplied Barnet with professional roofers for over 15 years.

Competitive Roofing Installations

If your looking to employee the most reliable roofing company in Barnet, then contact Cooks & Co ltd today. Our Roofing installation is fast, reliable and always professional. Give our team a call today.

Why Choose Cooks & Co Ltd

Why choose Cooks Co Ltd? Well thats a good question. Our reviews speak for themselves, we are the leading Roofing company in Barnet. Contact us today for a FREE no obligation quotation.

Superior quality roof installation

Don’t settle for anything less than high quality when it comes to roofing services. At Cooks & Co Ltd, we can install roofs to the highest standards. Our roofs are designed and installed to last for years to come.

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